Scientific Management 2.0

130 years ago, Frederick Taylor changed the world forever.

Scientific Management is the now-obvious idea that factories would measure precisely what their workers were doing. Use a stopwatch. Watch every movement. Adjust the movements until productivity goes up. Re-organize the assembly line for more efficiency. Pay people by the piece. Cull the workforce and get rid of the people who can’t keep up. Make the assembly line go faster.

Once Scientific Management goes beyond system setup and starts to focus on the individual, it amplifies the gulf between management and labor. No one wants to do their work under the stopwatch (except, perhaps, Usain Bolt).


Think about someone in your life who you’re pissed, angry or upset with right now.

Now imagine in a few hours you were able to watch a movie of that person’s life from day one to today, seeing everything they’ve been through. Every joy, every pain. Every up, every down.

At the end of this movie you may still feel what you feel about this person, you might even despise them more, but one thing that you couldn’t deny would be your understanding of them. There would be no confusion as to how they became who they are.